Binary Winner – source of rapid growth on binary options trading

Binary options are good in the first place that allow you to quickly ramp up profits. And help it to make the indicators with a short expiration. One such indicator is the Binary Winner, which is designed to trade on the M5 from the time of expiry of 5 minutes. It may be used for M1 with expiration 60 seconds, but in this case there will be more false signals. Binary Winner are not repaints and suitable for trading on any asset.

Characteristics of the Binary Winner Indicator
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Major currency pair
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Expiry: 5 minutes
  • Recommended broker: Alpari, FinMax
Rules of trade by Binary Winner

Terms of trade by indicator Binary Winner consist only tracing of corresponding signals (available sound notification). An investment should be made immediately after the appearance of the signal (no need to wait for the closure of the current bar):

binary-winner-no-repaintBinary Winner | Call and Put signals

Of course, you must understand that the indicator Binary Winner is not ideal, and false alarms are inevitable. Therefore, it is better to use with the additional filters or as part of a trading strategy.

In addition, you will achieve the best results only with this broker, because it does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker FinMax. In addition, FinMax regulated by IFMRRC:

250x250_micro deposit_banner_10$ men_EN   Demo_EN_1   250x250_1

In the archive Binary_Winner.rar:

  • Binary Winner.ex4
  • #Binary Winner temp.tpl

Free Download Binary Winner

17 Responses

  1. Ferdinand

    Hallo Daniel,
    Thank you for sharing this indicator with us. Nevertheless i have one question regarding the expiry time : You mentioned above that the expiry time should be 5 minutes and we should not wait until the closure of the current candle , i.e we buy an investment immediately after the sound notification. Let say I get a signal to do an investment at 15:09:14 (5 M Timeframe), so the candle will close at 15:10. Does it mean that the expiry time of my investment in this case is 15:10 or should I count 5 minutes from the appearence of the signal (in this case it would be 15:14). I am really confused!
    I wouldvery appreciate if you could answer!

    Many Thanks in advance.

    • Daniel

      The expiry time is 5 minutes, regardless of the time signal. But this is only a recommendation. You can try to find another time of expiration.

      • Ipeleng

        Daniel, your brilliant bro. This is such a useful site!

  2. Julius

    I tested it with tick counter but not good at all. Tried several expiries and on different timeframes. Also with some extra filters. No success. Maybe next indicator better, let’s hope

    • peepbb

      Is here some good indicators? I tested a lot, but all of them are here just rubbish.

  3. FF


  4. Danny

    Indicators work fine for me this is how I’m using the indicator.

    1. Trading platform:
    2. 60s Trading
    3. Expiry time from when signal notified you is between 2-3minutes. (note) strike soon as you here the sound notification

    – MetaTrader setup
    1. Use the M1 chart
    2. Do not use M5 chart (WHY) because of the 1-2minute delay on notifications.

    I hope this help you guys I’ve only been using this chart since Monday it’s now Tuesday and I’ve made money using this chart trading EUR/USD = ONLY.

  5. Norris

    Are the links working? I have failed to download all the indicators.

    • newbie5

      The link does work. You need to open it with RAR archive and then upload it on your MT4.

  6. Jonathan

    Danny… well done…

  7. りんりん




    • もちやん


  8. Chris

    All the indicators i have downloaded are in RAR format ,can you please assist Daniel

  9. ikong

    Hi. Can I ask what’s under the hood of this indicator? Thank you.

  10. faozi

    terima kasih untuk kebaikan mu ( tanks for your kindness)

  11. jumbay

    Guys, this is the best indicator i have ever seen here. Am using 15min timeframe for 15min expiry. This is just awesome

    • Ali

      Which broker do you use?

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