Super Point Signal – Russian profitable indicator for binary options

Super Point Signal is a very successful development of Russian programmers (in particular Mr. Kravcoff) for binary options trading. We all know that Russian programmers are very strong in the development of software for MT4. They are particularly strong in hacking and decoding of various programs. So this time we are dealing with a very good and accurate indicator.

Super Point Signal indicator is versatile and can be used for any trading assets and on any timeframes. In trade, indicator  is intuitive, even though the text in the alert in Russian. Super Point Signal is not repaint.

Characteristics of the Super Point Signal
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Any assets
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Expiry: 1 candles (5 minutes for M5, 15 minutes for M15 etc.)
  • Recommended broker: Alpari, FinMax, Binary
Rules of trade by Super Point Signal

So, how to trade using the Super Point Signal? Very simple - wait until the appropriate signal (red or blue circle) and buy options with expiration 1 candle. Here are a few examples:






The vertical yellow dashed line shows a candle on which the purchase option and its expiration time (the closing of the current candle).

Of course, before trading on a live account, Super Point Signal indicator must be tested on a demo account. Algorithm of indicator is unknown. Do not interfere with additional filters.

In addition, you will achieve the best results only with this broker, because it does not create delays in the opening positions and has a zero spread. That is a broker FinMax. In addition, FinMax regulated by IFMRRC:

250x250_micro deposit_banner_10$ men_EN   Demo_EN_1   250x250_1

In the archive Super_Point_Signal.rar:

  • Super-Point-Signal.ex4
  • Super Point Signal temp.tpl

Free Download Super Point Signal

32 Responses

  1. Alexander

    No,I mean,this,its The greatest,like Alexander(thanks God we have a Russian “s)

    p.s.Let2s go back to see football!!


  2. tope

    Hello, have you used this indicator super point signal before? and please what is the winning rate. Thanks

  3. SEUN


  4. Wendell

    Indicator gives the delayed signal
    Impossible to trade in 1 candle, 5 or 15 minutes

    • Вход на вторую свечу после сигнала

      В инструкции ясно сказано – вход на вторую свечу после сигнала :-D

  5. Tatjana

    Indicator delays…The signal apears, when the candle is well in progress…It means – on a history everything is Ok, but in real time – you will have a lot of false signals. It is impossible to trade for one candle. *CRAZY*

  6. etienne

    hi it s a great indicator but with alrm it will the best can told me how to put one if it s possible
    etienne from france

    • Daniel

      The default in the template alarm is “true”

      • etienne

        Hi thks to be fast for reply ; i got a question , it s possible to make the alarm appear at the same time the dot appear that will be perfect ? thks see u soon Etienne

        • etienne

          Hi again ,what is the setting / bars process : 10000 ?

  7. etienne

    sorry i just / even though the text in the alert in Russian. ;)

  8. etienne

    Hi i don t know if u saw my first question , because i don t see it, i put again, it s possible to modify the indicator that the dot and alarm appear in the same time because right the is 1,30 mins between signal and dot it s very
    look my screen shoot
    thks u Daniel

    Super Point Signal

    and if u got other nice profitable strategie that u use i m open ,
    see u soon etienne

  9. Michael Santoo

    *CRAZY* Hi guys i asked before why is there no files after download

  10. petrov

    the signal appears on the previous candle which is the last finished. which means the entry should be on the active candle which is current not closed. But I observed it and I saw the signal came long after the current candle is in progress up or down which make difficult momentum to be caught . It can be seen ot the ettiene’s comment with the snap shot .

  11. Abhishek

    Thats a complete Bullshit indicator!!! don’t waste even 1 second on this. Dot appears when the next candle is already spent 80% time!! absolutely pathetic

  12. sara jane

    Absolutely the best indicator ever!! Yes it is true the signals arrives at the end of the first candle ( where the signal appears)or at half of the secondcandle but in TF1 If you arre ready to enter into the trade with a click you will have an amazing succes rate!! ;)

  13. TraderR

    Hello Daniel, can you point me in the direction where to look under the hood? – that would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Andy

    Can you explain, please, how to trade the next candle if the dot shows up delayed (on the previous candle)? If the current candle has been running for a while and THEN the signal shows up on the PREVIOUS candle, how do you trade that? I’m we would all like to know. Thanks!

  15. calvinM

    People fail to understand the purpose on any indicator . An indicator cannot tell you the future u cannot trade on the opening of the candlestick wer the dot first appears it price can still reverse if news come in and every currency pair is a correlation with one another that makes prices to be unpredictable. (AN INDICATOR CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHAT HAS HAPPENED AND WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT, NO INDICATOR IN THE WORLD WILL TELL YOU THE FUTURE WITH A 100% ACCURACY) You will not find it any where online so stop system hopping . im using 1min chart on this indicator and im winning 80-90% of my trades by following the rules above .

    • Mara

      Any advice on what other indicators to use with this one?

  16. Ricky

    Hey @Daniel, The signals seems very strong on the chart history. But it’s true that the alert comes late, and if you fix this issue then i can say that it’s a HOLY GRAIL strategy.

    Looking forward your quicker response (^_^)

  17. Marvin

    how do you apply these to mt4????

  18. brian

    hi i am testing this but it seem to alert u mid way through the candle. do i still take the trade for 1 min/ 5 min

  19. Matt

    Dude it works. I do agree with everyone else that some of the signals come in late. Must be how it is configured. But making money with it so far so good!

  20. James

    This is lagging indicator with false signals :(

  21. viliama

    А мне понравился этот индикатор,нужно просто уметь и понимать торговлю. *IN LOVE*

  22. ravi

    do u have bow indicators ??

  23. Umar

    Hello CAlvinM. Thanks for your post. I will like to ask.
    1. Are you still winning at the rate of 80-90% on the M1 expiry?
    2. What session do you trade?
    3. Do you enter the trades immediately the signal appears?
    4. If you enter a 1 minute trade at say 09:40:28, does your broker allow it to expire at 09:40:59 or it expires at 09:41:28? This last question is very important and determines the success or failure of the strategy.

  24. Smithf965

    Great article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  25. Obhash

    Thank you.

  26. anis

    i saw your indicator and i find it excellent, thus, i am “expert advisors” creator, is there a way to send me the source ? i can perform it and make it automatic so we can launch it as a bot and avoid being scotching in front of the screen.


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