Auto Forecast Expert

Published: 25.07.2013

Auto Forecast Expert is, according to developers, software suite, which does not involve any of the standard indicators used in financial markets at the moment, as the MACD, RSI and moving averages. Auto Forecast Expert adapt to current market conditions, using sophisticated algorithms based on Price Action.

Auto Forecast Expert Indicator gives trading signals to buy or sell and still gives levels of Stop Loss, specified in the warning window pop-up and graphically - drawing color lines on MT4 chart. The indicator is easy to use, but in any case do not use it alone as an independent trading system. Moreover, I recommend its use always use the a trailing stop. Since the signals on exit from the market for this indicator is not accurate and often very late.

Characteristics of the Auto Forecast Expert


For each currency pair, the developers recommend the use of special settings. Read more about this in the Manual.

In the archives Auto_Forecast_Expert.rar:

  • autotrendforecaster.ex4
  • Auto Forecast Expert Manual.pdf

Free Download Auto Forecast Expert

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