Boss Mode Trading System

Published: 12.12.2012

Boss Mode at first glance seems very complicated trading system, due to a variety of colorful objects. But it is only at first glance. In fact, this system is very easy in the analysis signals for market entry.

Boss Mode System is a universal trading system and is suitable for any currency pairs and any time frams. Trading hours can also choose any.

Characteristics of Boss Mode System
Rules of entry into the market by Boss Mode System

On entering the market indicate the set of indicators, but for ease of include an arrow that indicates that all indicators in agreement and you can enter the market. Open position is always on the next candle after the arrow.


Buy Entry, when there was a blue arrow.
Sell ‚Äč‚ÄčEntry, when there was a red arrow.
Read more in the Manual

In the archives Boss_Mode.rar:

  • !XPS iMA.ex4
  • !XPS iMA.mq4
  • !XPS v8 CLOCK.ex4
  • !XPS v8 CLOCK.mq4
  • !XPS v8 CONTINUATION-test.ex4
  • !XPS v8 CONTINUATION-test.mq4
  • !XPS v8 DSR-test.ex4
  • !XPS v8 DSR-test.mq4
  • !XPS v8 FILTER.ex4
  • !XPS v8 FILTER.mq4
  • !XPS v8 FOREX POWER lite.ex4
  • !XPS v8 FOREX POWER lite.mq4
  • !XPS v8 FRACTAL MATH.ex4
  • !XPS v8 FRACTAL MATH.mq4
  • !XPS v8 GANN SSL 4HR.ex4
  • !XPS v8 GANN SSL 4HR.mq4
  • !XPS v8 GANN SSL D1.ex4
  • !XPS v8 GANN SSL D1.mq4
  • !XPS v8 GANN SSL.ex4
  • !XPS v8 GANN SSL.mq4
  • !XPS v8 OSCILLATOR.ex4
  • !XPS v8 OSCILLATOR.mq4
  • !XPS v8 PANEL.ex4
  • !XPS v8 PANEL.mq4
  • !XPS v8 PRICE.ex4
  • !XPS v8 PRICE.mq4
  • !XPS v8 PROFIT.ex4
  • !XPS v8 PROFIT.mq4
  • !XPS v8 RANGE-test.ex4
  • !XPS v8 RANGE-test.mq4
  • !XPS v8 TRENDBARS.ex4
  • !XPS v8 TRENDBARS.mq4
  • nonLagMa Trend Display v1.0.ex4
  • nonLagMa Trend Display v1.0.mq4
  • NonLagMA_v7_M.ex4
  • NonLagMA_v7_M.mq4
  • STD.ex4
  • STD.mq4
  • Std_Dev+MA.ex4
  • Std_Dev+MA.mq4
  • Synergy_Continuation.ex4
  • Synergy_Continuation.mq4
  • Synergy_DSR.ex4
  • Synergy_DSR.mq4
  • Synergy_HeikenAshi.ex4
  • Synergy_HeikenAshi.mq4
  • Synergy_MTF.ex4
  • Synergy_MTF.mq4
  • Synergy_RangeFactor.ex4
  • Synergy_RangeFactor.mq4
  • Synergy_TDI.ex4
  • Synergy_TDI.mq4
  • Synergy_TradeSignal.ex4
  • Synergy_TradeSignal.mq4
  • Synergy_TradeTargets.ex4
  • Synergy_TradeTargets.mq4
  • Synergy_Volatility.ex4
  • Synergy_Volatility.mq4
  • BOSS MODE.tpl
  • BOSS MODE Manual.pdf

Free Download Boss Mode

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  • Goh
    Published: 16.09.2015 Reply to the message

    Boss Mode,
    Really good, I just tested on EUR/JPY M5, M15, H1 & H4. Very consistant profit. But have to look out exit Mathematics.

  • Joseph
    Published: 11.02.2016 Reply to the message

    What does this indicator do?
    !XPS v8 PRICE.mq4

    I can't get it to show on the chart.

  • Hassan
    Published: 07.07.2016 Reply to the message

    thATS THE BEST SYSTEM i ever saw at this site, i am wonder so less people tried that masterpiece ...

  • Katka
    Published: 27.04.2017 Reply to the message

    Is it possible to use this indicator for trading binary options? Any recomendations? Thank you :)

    • Daniel
      Published: 27.04.2017 Reply to the message

      This indicator is intended solely for binary options. Read the text above

  • Ricky
    Published: 02.01.2019 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, Thanks a lot for this and else ini here. i combine this with your $2000 Forex Strategy. Amazing. i'm just a newbie trader. please read carefull the manual. GBU

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