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Published: 20.09.2022
Reading time: 13 minutes

Crypto Binary Pro v2 is an easy-to-use indicator for trading cryptocurrencies (and not only) in relation to binary options trading, which gives simple and clear Call/Put signals. It is intended mainly for binary options on M1 with an expiration time of 3 minutes, but, if desired, can also be used for scalping on M1-M5 with a target of 3-5 pips. The indicator is not repainted and is intended only for the MT4 platform.

Characteristics of the Crypto Binary Pro v2

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any crypto and currency pairs, recommended major
  • Trading Time: London and New York trading sessions
  • Time Frame: M1-M5
  • Expiry: 3 candle (example, 3 minutes for M1)
  • Recommended broker: IQOption, Deriv Binomo

Trading rules

The rules for buying options are very simple and do not require complex technical analysis from the trader, it is enough just to follow intuitively clear signals. However, some standard trading and money management requirements must be observed. More on this below (see Additional recommendations).

Call - blue arrow up (entry immediately or on the next candle).

Put - red down arrow (entry immediately or on the next candle):


Entry on the next candle is safer and gives some margin of time to prepare for opening a trade if the price has not changed significantly. While the immediate entry has the greatest momentum to follow the price. Here the choice is yours.

Video from the author in live trading mode:

Since Crypto Binary Indicators is based on Moving Averages and a Stochastic Oscillator, you need to understand that this is a trend indicator and it does not have any supernatural properties. But subject to certain rules, it can be quite profitable.

Additional recommendations

  1. Mandatory testing on a demo account for a better understanding of the indicator and the establishment of your own coordination of actions.
  2. Significantly the effectiveness of the indicator signals can be increased by the Martingale method. And our calculator will help you with this. But remember that Martingale is very dangerous!!!
  3. You should not make transactions during the release of important economic news. This will save you from uncontrolled jumps and unwanted price reversals.
  4. Trade only the most volatile pairs and trading sessions (London and New York).
  5. Use the services of only reliable and trusted brokers: IQOption, Deriv Binomo.
  6. Feel free to apply additional filters from among your favorite indicators or presented on our site.
  7. Be sure to follow our updates and may the profit be with you!!!

In the archive Crypto_Binary_Pro_v2.rar (65.5 Kb):

  • CryptoBinary_Pro V2.1.ex4
  • CryptoBinaryPro.tpl

Free Download Crypto Binary Indicator v2.1


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  • z
    Published: 23.09.2022 Reply to the message

    The seller said. Crypto Binary Pro v2 is broken files.

    It will berepaint.

    A new vesion is out. It is Crypto Binary Pro v3

    Don't you have it??

  • Mark
    Published: 24.09.2022 Reply to the message

    In the video the expiration time is 5 candles and not 3

    • Daniel
      Published: 24.09.2022 Reply to the message

      Stick to the video, it's your right

  • z
    Published: 29.09.2022 Reply to the message

    This is useless.
    It will be repaint.

    A new version is out. It is Crypto Binary Pro v3

    Don't you have it??

  • Vadim
    Published: 01.10.2022 Reply to the message

    Use this indicator to trade as follows: M1 chart, a signal came out, wait for the end of the current 5-minute candle, enter the next 5-minute candle, Martin one knee for the next 5-minute candle. Try. I wish everyone profit.

  • Charles
    Published: 02.02.2023 Reply to the message

    Do you have Crypto Binary Pro v3

    • Daniel
      Published: 02.02.2023 Reply to the message

      Soon will be. Don't get lost.

  • Katarina
    Published: 15.08.2023 Reply to the message

    Hello Daniel,
    cannot download this indicator, it keep saying that there is some error. Can you send it to my email, please? Thanks a lot.

    • Daniel
      Published: 15.08.2023 Reply to the message

      I sent this to your email, check it out. You can also use the Mirror (link on the site at the bottom of the page)

      • shan ks
        Published: 30.03.2024 Reply to the message

        please sir give me one indicator that i recover my all loss i loss too much give me one indicator that work properply not joking

        • João
          Published: 14.04.2024 Reply to the message

          Hi, you find some one profit indicator? If yes, can you says me, please

  • sabit
    Published: 05.09.2023 Reply to the message

    I can't access the indicator, can you help me?

  • vicky
    Published: 16.04.2024 Reply to the message

    please send brother

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