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Published: 25.01.2022
Reading time: 33 minutes

EA Sapphire is an automated forex robot that uses a system of trading at key price levels, placing pending orders on them. To detect an entry point, the EA uses a breakout or rebound strategy from the price level, depending on the one selected in the settings. The robot is equipped with many protective features, such as trailing stop, economic news filter, spread protection block, daily and time trading filters.

Сharacteristics of the EA Sapphire

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • EA version: 2.6
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
  • Trading Time: Around the clock or or set in settings
  • Timeframe: H1 or higher
  • Recommended broker: Roboforex, XM, FTMO


The Expert Advisor allows you to open orders as a fixed lot, as well as use automatic calculation based on a given risk per trade. In addition, Sapphire allows you to recover losses using the Recovery Mode, where you can choose:

  • Single Trade - when the retracement is offset by a single opposite position;
  • GridRecovery - when an advanced recovery system is applied using a flexible grid of orders;
  • Disabled - RecoveryMode is not applied.

Actually, these are the main parameters that radically affect the test results. Therefore, I tested the EA by changing exactly these settings.
Backtesting was performed for the time period 2010.01.01 - 2022.01.22

EURUSD H1 FixedLot=0.5 Spread=2eurusd-fix-lot-0-5-spread-2

EURUSD H1 AutoLot Risk=1.5 Spread=2eurusd-auto-mm-risk-1-5

EURUSD H1 AutoLot Risk=3 Spread=2ea-sapphireeurusd-auto-mm-risk-3

EURUSD H1 AutoLot Risk=3 GridRecovery Spread=2eurusd-auto-mm-risk-3-recoverymode

RecoveryMode=GridRecovery seemed to me less effective and more dangerous (high drawdown). Therefore, in the future I will not use it when testing and do not recommend you use it in real trading.

As you can see from the test results, the EA does not accept high spreads. Take a look at this:

Backtest with Spread=2ea-sapphire-test-spread-2

Backtest with Spread=20test-spread-20

As you can see, the results differ dramatically. Therefore, I highly recommend using this ECN account with Zero Spread.

GBPUSD H1 FixedLot=0.5 Spread=2gbpusd-fix-lot-0-5-spread-2

GBPUSD H1 AutoLot Risk=1.5 Spread=2gbpusd-auto-mm-risk-1-5

GBPUSD H1 AutoLot Risk=3 Spread=2gbpusd-auto-mm-risk-3

USDJPY H1 FixedLot=0.5 Spread=2usdjpy-fix-lot-0-5-spread-2

USDJPY H1 AutoLot Risk=1.5 Spread=2usdjpy-auto-mm-risk-1-5

USDJPY H1 AutoLot Risk=3 Spread=2usdjpy-auto-mm-risk-3

Please note that backtests are performed with a modeling quality of 99.90% thanks to a wonderful software called Tick Data Suite. Today this is the only possible and fastest way to achieve 99% quality of modeling in MT4.

Tick Data Suite - Powerful, Accurate, Easy to use!

EA settings

From the settings of the adviser, in addition to those listed above, it should be noted the news filter, where you can adjust the trading of the adviser during periods of release of economic news of varying degrees of importance. To work correctly, don't forget to add "http://ec.forexprostools.com" to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors and enable Allow WebRequest for listed URL. You can also set the advisor's operation mode for each day of the week and time of day.

View all EA settings

  • DepoLoad - deposit usage, %;
  • FixedLot - fixed trading lot;
  • AutoLot  - use automatic lot calculation;
  • RiskPerTrade - risk per one trade, %;
  • TradeBuy - use long positions;
  • TradeSell - use short positions;
  • TakeProfit - take profit level, pips;
  • StopLoss - stop loss level, pips
  • TrailSL - trailing stop level, pips;
  • TrailStep - trailing step level, pips;
  • BuyShift - offset of entry point of long position, pips;
  • SellShift - offset of entry point of short position, pips;
  • BreakEven - use the break-even block;
  • BELevel - break-even level, pips;
  • BEPips - break-even size, pips;
  • RecoveryMode: 
  •                    --  Single Trade    -  recovery using a single opposite position;
  •                    --  GridRecovery  -  advanced recovery system using a flexible order grid;               
  •                     --  Disabled          -  not used;
  • GridMultiLot - lot multiplier, used if RecoveryMode = GridRecovery;
  • GridTakeProfit - take profit of the order grid, used if RM = GR;
  • GridFirstOrderStep - distance of the first order, used if RM = GR;
  • GridNextOrdersStep - distance of the next orders, used if RM = GR;
  • GridMaxDD - maximum allowed DD %, used if RM = GR;
  • UseSpreadFilter - use high spread protection;
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread, pips;
  • UseNewsFilter - use the news filter;
  • DetectLowNews - detect low importance news;
  • PauseBeforeLow - pause before the release of news with low importance, min;
  • PauseAfterLow - pause after the release of news with low importance, min;
  • DetectMiddleNews - detect medium importance news;
  • PauseBeforeMiddle - pause before the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • PauseAfterMiddle  - pause after the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • DetectHighNews -  detect high-priority news;
  • PauseBeforeHigh - pause before the release of news with high importance, min;
  • PauseAfterHigh - pause after the release of news with high importance, min;
  • DetectNFPNews - detect "Non Farm Payrolls" news;
  • PauseBeforeNFP - pause before the NFP release, min;
  • PauseAfterNFP - pause after the NFP release, min;
  • SymbolNews - track the news of the current symbol only;
  • ServerGMT - trading server GMT zone;
  • UseTimeFilter  - use time filter;
  • HourStart - EA operation start time, hour;
  • MinuteStart - EA operation start time, min;
  • HourEnd - EA operation end time, hour;
  • MinuteEnd - EA operation end time, min;
  • Monday - enable / disable work on Monday;
  • Tuesday - enable / disable work on Tuesday;
  • Wednesday - enable / disable work on Wednesday;
  • Thursday - enable / disable work on Thursday;
  • Friday - enable / disable work on Friday;
  • Range - entry points search range, bars;
  • Comment - comments for the EA's orders;
  • ShowInfoPanel - show information panel;
  • MagicNumber - unique identifier of the Ea's orders.

As you can see, EA Sapphire is a very reliable and profitable Expert Advisor, but only if the following important conditions are met:

In the archive EA_Sapphire.rar (7.6 Mb):

  • EA Sapphire 2.6.ex4
  • Paste msigm32 here.png
  • msimg32.dll
  • Full Instructions.pdf

Free Download EA Sapphire v. 2.6


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