Forex Arcanum - indicator of market behavior analysis

Published: 15.04.2019
Reading time: 15 minutes

Forex Arcanum is a unique indicator that combines technical analysis and analysis of the behavior of traders in the market (unless of course the developers are cunning). The indicator studies the global behavior of traders in combination with the readings of some indicators, and then, based on this analysis, shows the entry point to the position on the chart. Forex Arcanum also has three modes for different trading styles and is suitable for scalping, swing trading and day trading.

Characteristics of the Forex Arcanum

How trade with the Forex Arcanum?

As I wrote above, FX Arcanum has three trading templates:

  • Conservative
  • Standard
  • Aggressive

Conservative has the least amount of trading signals with the least risk. Suitable for a calm trade and for novice traders.


Scalping: M1

Daytrading: M5, M15, M30

Swingtrading: H1



Standard is a universal template that will suit most traders for all possible trading styles.


Scalping: M1

Daytrading: M5, M15, M30

Swingtrading: H1



Aggressive - this style of trading for traders who love adrenaline. It gives the most signals, but it requires a lot of experience in trading. Before you start trading on this template, make sure that you spend enough time training on a demo account!


Scalping: M1, M5


Trading signals by Forex Arcanum

FX Arcanum is, in fact, an independent trading system, which consists of two parts.

The first part is the levels of investor interest. Levels are represented on the chart as two horizontal lines:

  • The thin line (1) is the short-term interest of traders. During the last few minutes or hours, investors made deals around this zone (depending on the selected timeframe).
  • The thick line (2) is the long-term interest of traders. Traders have been interested in activity around this line for the last few days / hours (depending on the chosen timeframe).

The location of these lines relative to each other enables us to understand what direction is the market.

If a thin line is above a thick line - a bull market (we consider only long positions) – we open only Buy.

If the thin line under the thick line is a bear market (we consider only short positions) - we open only Sell.

The second part of the system is an algorithm that generates price blocks that show the current market phase. Buy signals are represented by up arrows. Sell signals are represented by down arrows.

As a result the combination of these two parts gives us the signals of the best quality:



Do not forget that any new trading instrument (no matter how good it is) must be studied and trained in trading on a demo account.

In the archive FXArcanum.rar (84.0 KB):

  • FXArcanum_Entry1.ex4
  • FXArcanum_Entry2.ex4
  • FXArcanum_Entry3.ex4
  • FXarcLvlsAG.ex4
  • FXarcLvlsSA.ex4
  • FXarcLvlsST.ex4
  • FXaConservative.tpl
  • FXaAggressive.tpl
  • FXaStandard.tpl

Free Download Forex Arcanum

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  • Tiziano Sassi
    Published: 15.04.2019 Reply to the message

    grazie di tutto quanto fai per noi

  • Brian
    Published: 16.04.2019 Reply to the message

    Thanks Dave ....will test on demo and give feedback

  • Sergey
    Published: 17.04.2019 Reply to the message

    It doesn't work for me,
    indicators are not installed.

  • olawale
    Published: 28.08.2019 Reply to the message

    you are simlpy the best,please keep up the good work. *IN LOVE* *IN LOVE* 8)

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