Forex Gump - indicator as ready-made forex trading system

Published: 26.03.2018
Reading time: 7 minutes

Forex Gump operates in semi-automatic mode, showing the trader on the chart of the opening and closing of orders. Forex Gump is a completely ready trading system for trading in the forex market. During its operation, the indicator counts and displays on the schedule information on the number of profitable and unprofitable signals, as well as the level of total profit and loss in pips. The indicator is not repainted and with properly configured parameters, the signals show almost no lag.

Characteristics of Forex Gump Indicator
Rules of trade by the Forex Gump

Trading on the Forex Gump signals is very simple:

BUY - when the blue arrow is pointing upwards

SELL - when the red arrow is pointing down

Yellow cross - close an order

A few examples of indicator signals:



In the archives Forex_Gump.rar:

  • Forex Gump.ex4
  • Forex Gump tamplate.tpl

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  • Buycialis
    Published: 28.03.2018 Reply to the message

    Jason Forrest Gump selling his soul to the Devil Its very clear now, Gump is selling Tampas future (draftpicks under rookie contracts) to do whatever to attempt to win this coming 1 season(the hell with 2019 and beyond)to save his rear end "This is not how to build a championship team Kobe Faker "We should be trading GMC,LVD, and Djax for draft picks and not the complete oppositewe must lose to win

  • danyal
    Published: 29.03.2018 Reply to the message

    hi this system is best for scalping,,,can you make ea based on this system..very profitable

  • steve
    Published: 29.03.2018 Reply to the message

    Thanks so much for this indicator.i have already installed it on my mt4 plartform however how do i remove the yellow banner which contains my account details,it is blocking the current price movement.thanks in advance.

    • Daniel
      Published: 29.03.2018 Reply to the message

      Information: false

      Forex Gump Information false

      • mirel
        Published: 31.03.2018 Reply to the message

        the demo version is expired

  • jack
    Published: 30.03.2018 Reply to the message

    what are the best settings for this indicator on H1 time-frame

  • jack
    Published: 03.04.2018 Reply to the message

    the demo version is expired

    Can we get a working version of this

  • mirel
    Published: 03.04.2018 Reply to the message

    the demo version that needs to be done

  • Carlo
    Published: 05.04.2018 Reply to the message

    the demo version has expired after less than 24 hours

  • Janet Jones
    Published: 09.04.2018 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the great job you'er doing on this site to help traders. Please give info as to how to get a working version of this 'forex-gump'
    Your further help would be much appreciated please.

  • Bilal Akram
    Published: 09.08.2018 Reply to the message

    you are doing such a great job!! =)

    Published: 23.12.2018 Reply to the message

    Will this indicator stop working?

  • luckson
    Published: 20.03.2019 Reply to the message

    this is very profitable on H4 trading major currencies

  • Uche Elijah
    Published: 12.05.2019 Reply to the message

    I think you can get it from MQL5.COM Just search for forex Gump under the ea/indicator section

    Published: 24.05.2019 Reply to the message

    I need the full indicator the demo has expire

    • Daniel
      Published: 16.06.2019 Reply to the message

      This is the full version.

      • Fernando
        Published: 18.05.2020 Reply to the message

        Hello Daniel. I hope you are very well, and I would appreciate it if you could tell me (here or by replying to my email):
        1) what is the price of the expert advisor that automates this indicator, and
        2) like the indicator, does the expert advisor also allow changing the values of "period_Ma", "period" and "short_wave" before being executed?
        3) Do you only have the version (of the expert advisor) for mt4, or do you also sell the version for mt5?

  • Acosta Karina
    Published: 26.05.2019 Reply to the message

    Me podrían ayudar con la correcta configuración de los parámetros de entrada para usarlo correctamente, por favor. gracias !

  • Andrei
    Published: 28.05.2019 Reply to the message

    This is paid version of free indicator WART or ATRStops :-D

  • Moon
    Published: 26.06.2019 Reply to the message

    It will return to the default even if you change the line thickness

  • JX Karhing
    Published: 02.08.2019 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, this is demo version? Can't use after 1-2days... Can you send me full version. Thanks a lot. =)

  • Saffan
    Published: 11.08.2019 Reply to the message

    Guys this is full version of Indicator! I'm using it but there's one problem I'm getting Daniel can you please add push notifications in this! It will be great then I have a idea when to trade with this !

  • Ranjith
    Published: 20.08.2019 Reply to the message

    Can I test this indicator with demo account

  • jose antonio melo
    Published: 01.10.2019 Reply to the message

    What to do to get the full version, this one has expired.

    Published: 26.10.2019 Reply to the message


  • sergio rodriguez
    Published: 19.12.2019 Reply to the message

    The demo version is expired

  • Karim
    Published: 20.12.2019 Reply to the message

    Where I can get the full version. this is only trial version. :(

  • vishal
    Published: 22.01.2020 Reply to the message

    hii Daniel,This indicator its demo and this is expire.so if can have full version you can sand me I can buy it.

  • Feyama
    Published: 21.04.2020 Reply to the message

    How can i put sound alerts?

  • Abel
    Published: 10.06.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, how can i add sound alert yea?

  • Elijah
    Published: 07.07.2020 Reply to the message

    Pls no sound alert

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