Forex Olympus or how to make money during the coronavirus pandemic

Published: 21.03.2020
Reading time: 18 minutes

Forex Olympus is an indicator developed by Rita Lasker, which is well known to many traders for its products. The indicator is positioned as a trading tool capable of making every trader rich during the coronavirus pandemic. Quarantine is declared in many countries, borders are closed, people are being urged not to leave home. At such a time, it only remains to close the house and trade intensively in the forex market. And Rita Lasker with her Forex Olympus indicator promises to make our trading more successful.

Characteristics of the Forex Olympus

How it works?

This indicator immediately reminded me of the well-known HalfTrend indicator. And I was not too lazy to compare these indicators. And what did I see? If it is not a modified HalfTrend or Ozymandias, then at least they became its prototypes. Rita Lasker is not the only one who used HalfTrend in his designs. The notorious Karl Dittmann also used this indicator as the basis for his Forex Millennium. I wrote about this earlier in this post.

Let’s compare the signals of the Forex Olympus and HalfTrend indicators so that you can verify the similarity of the indicators in person. So see:

FX Olympus CHFJPY M15forex-olympus-chfjpy-m15

HalfTrend-1.02 CHFJPY M15forex-olympus-analog-chfjpy-m15

FX Olympus USDJPY M15forex-olympus-usdjpy-m15

HalfTrend USDJPY M15forex-olympus-analog-usdjpy-m15

FX Olympus USDCAD M30forex-olympus-usdcad-m30

HalfTrend USDCAD M30forex-olympus-analog-usdcad-m30

As you can see, the similarity is obvious. Of course, FX Olympus is a more advanced indicator that is not 100% repainted, has a notification system (Pop-up Alert, Email Alert and Push Notification) and other options.

The indicator has three trading modes with varying degrees of risk:

  • Moderate Mode - the least risk, the least loss
  • Neutral Mode - works for those who want to scale up profits straight away and stay in the comfort zone. No need to choose between profit and safety
  • Intense Mode - the greatest risk, but and the maximum profit

Forex Olympus has a Trend Power indicator that shows how strong the current trend is (the gray dashboard in the corner of the chart). Based on this, you can no doubt open a deal.

In addition, the developers took care of trade automation and for an additional fee you can buy a robot based on this indicator. And then you do not have to sit for hours in front of your computer monitor. However, these are only the words of the developer, not confirmed by facts. Therefore, be sure to check the indicator in trading on a demo account and use additional filters. Be sure to consider the outputs of important economic news and follow the money management.

In the archive Forex_Olympus_analog.rar (21.0 KB):

  • HalfTrend-1.02.ex4
  • HalfTrend-1.02.mq4
  • Forex Olympus analog.tpl

Free Download Forex Olympus analog

Forex Olympus or how to make money during the coronavirus pandemic


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    Published: 21.03.2020 Reply to the message

    In the main website.this indicator is for sale.but here is for free?why?

    • nafrayo
      Published: 22.03.2020 Reply to the message

      Hi...if you observe the package...the Half trend is inside not the Olympus.

  • Luijo
    Published: 22.03.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, thank you for all of your indicators. I am trying to download this Half trend 1.02 or Forex Olimpus analog and it is giving me an Error..after the 30 secs waiting time???

  • Mark
    Published: 27.03.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, the different amplitudes of HalfTrend are for a specific pair or for a specific time frame? Thanks

    • Daniel
      Published: 27.03.2020 Reply to the message

      Yes. Everything is individual, depending on the pair, timeframe and market. Large Amplitude - fewer signals, but transactions are longer. Small Amplitude - more signals with a small profit. There are no exact recommendations. Select based on historical data and depending on your trading style.

  • Vinicios
    Published: 04.04.2020 Reply to the message

    Em ralação a stop usando esse indicador, o que você recomenda ?

  • Chris
    Published: 13.05.2020 Reply to the message

    I bought Rita Lakers' "Forex Olympus" but have found it useless. In the two weeks I used it, it provided 5 trades, all of which were losers. Because of this, I requested a refund as per her "30-day money-back" (sic) guarantee. This lady has refused to comply with my request for a refund and ignores all forms of communication from me, email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
    ]:-> *STOP*

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