Forex Profits Guard - profitable forex strategy

Published: 29.11.2012

Forex Profits Guard is not difficult and at the same time profitable forex strategy. Trade with its use can be in any currency pairs. Time frames for H1 and the lower the better to trade during the European session. On older time frames to trade around the clock.

Characteristics of Forex Profits Guard
Rules of entry into the market by Forex Profits Guard

Long position:

  1. Painted green arrow up
  2. WAExplosion indicator turns green
  3. T3 2ColorHisto indicator turns green too

Exit, when a red arrow or change the color to red at least one of the indicators WAExplosion or T3 2ColorHisto.

Short position:

  1. Painted red down arrow
  2. WAExplosion indicator turns red
  3. T3 2ColorHisto indicator turns red too

Exit, when a green arrow or a color change to green at least one of the indicators WAExplosion or T3 2ColorHisto.


Stop Loss should be set to 10 pips above / below the arrow. Take Profit - depending on the pair and time frame.

In the archives Forex_Profits_Guard.rar:

  • GG-TrendBar.mq4
  • Pivot_DOTS.mq4
  • super-signals-channel.mq4
  • T3_2ColorHisto.mq4
  • WAExplosion.mq4
  • forex profits guard system.tpl
  • Forex Profits Guard System Manual.pdf

Free Download Forex Profits Guard

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  • andre
    Published: 19.03.2015 Reply to the message

    T3_2ColorHisto.mq4 nao funciona ?

  • Caleb
    Published: 20.05.2015 Reply to the message

    I have used this indicator on a demo account and I notice this indicator repaints.

  • Lloyd
    Published: 25.10.2016 Reply to the message

    First of all, thanks for all these indicators. You have taken your own time to make this possible and for free. Thanks a million for you help. This one works well for me.

  • reza
    Published: 10.02.2017 Reply to the message

    is it works in real account?

  • Henry
    Published: 06.10.2017 Reply to the message

    Excellent indicator (Forex_Profit_Guard) but the challenge is that T3_2colorHisto.mg4 refuse to install because of 16 errors and 1 warning from MetaEditor, Pivots_Dots.mg4 is not displaying anything and it also repaint. But thanks so much for excellent indicator and in case these issues are resolved. please, email me indicator, thanks again.

  • Martin
    Published: 28.09.2018 Reply to the message

    This website is great thank you Daniel, for those who want special indicators which doesn't repaint my advise to you is that foreign exchange is not for you try something else because we are making money with this repainting indicators.

    • Daniel
      Published: 28.09.2018 Reply to the message

      *THUMBS UP*

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