Forex Real Profit EA - reliable scalper

Published: 03.05.2012
Reading time: 16 minutes

Forex Real Profit EA is using a strategy of scalping is a very reliable and expert advisor. The main advantage of Forex Real Profit EA is that it does not require a large initial deposit and passes backtest since 2007 with a deposit of $ 300. At the same time has a very small maximal drawdown.
Forex Real Profit EA - this trading robot that can do long-term profits with minimal drawdown.

Сharacteristics of the Forex Real Profit EA

  • Type of strategy: Scalping
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Recommended broker: FTMORoboforex

Backtests of Forex Real Profit EA












Detailed information about working Forex Real Profit EA:

  1. Forex Real Profit EA works with any broker, recommended ECN.
  2. The currency used in trade can be any of the currencies that are offered by the broker.
  3. Forex Real Profit EA can work together with other experts advisors and has special settings for this.
  4. Forex Real Profit EA automatically adjusts the trading time relative of GMT.
  5. Forex Real Profit EA has a dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  6. Protection from a large spread and slippage.
  7. Forex advisor works even with micro lots.

Very important! For smooth operation Forex Real Profit EA should use VPS server ➨ Forex VPS

In the archives ForexRealProfitEA.rar:

  • ForexRealProfitEA 5.11.ex4
  • ForexRealProfitEA 5.11.mq4
  • ForexRealProfitEAv5.22 edu.ex4
  • frp.dll
  • ForexRealProfitEA Manual.pdf

Free Download Forex Real Profit EA

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  • renan
    Published: 13.11.2014 Reply to the message

    this is the best website in the world !

    • atif
      Published: 11.08.2016 Reply to the message

      yes this is best

  • Andy
    Published: 21.01.2015 Reply to the message

    I cannot get this to work? There is a sad face in top right hand corner?

    • Daniel
      Published: 21.01.2015 Reply to the message

      Press button "AutoTrading"

      Press button AutoTrading

      • Bryan
        Published: 28.03.2016 Reply to the message

        Could you update optimized preset files settings for this EA?

  • Ali Jaan
    Published: 31.01.2015 Reply to the message

    In strategy tester its not opening any trade why this?

  • mehedi
    Published: 22.02.2015 Reply to the message

    Its says old DDL , what can i do pls tell me

  • Dan
    Published: 27.02.2015 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, I have downloaded the REV TRADER PRO EA, but seem not to work? Or could it be that it is a low frequency trading EA? or do I need to purchase the licence from the vendor? Advise please.

  • Tom
    Published: 09.03.2015 Reply to the message

    "you are using an old DLL file. Please replace your DLL then reattach the EA to the chart."
    Could it running with old dll??

  • Prince
    Published: 10.03.2015 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, I am getting error message with the dll file (same as TOM) . Please let me know how to deal with it. Thanks.

  • hmed
    Published: 17.03.2015 Reply to the message

    Hi same here dll need to be updaed

  • harold
    Published: 17.03.2015 Reply to the message

    Muchas gracias Daniel y amigos por compartir estos EA.

    Los instalare para ver la evolucion y resultados

    Si quieren que les envie backtesting de EURUSD me lo dicen ok!

    un saludo!

  • Tierri
    Published: 24.09.2015 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, how do i download the new dll for this ea real profit?Where is this DLL?
    Thank you.

  • kristian
    Published: 14.01.2016 Reply to the message

    SAME MESSAGE " “you are using an old DLL file. Please replace your DLL then reattach the EA to the chart.”
    Could it running with old dll??
    it must to be replace or no??
    thank's for response

  • jack hana
    Published: 23.02.2016 Reply to the message

    It doesn't trade.

  • peepbb
    Published: 31.03.2016 Reply to the message

    This EA is profitable even in backtests, but not in real life :P

  • jacob
    Published: 29.05.2016 Reply to the message

    Hy daniel....

    pls answer me..
    is this EA for a real account or no???????...
    thank you =) =) =)

  • BUJU
    Published: 28.06.2016 Reply to the message

    need to change some code , can do this 5.11 cause there is mq4 file , but not in 522 as no mq4 file.
    I have it working , but I am a coder .

    • BUJU
      Published: 29.06.2016 Reply to the message

      try EA 5.22 on 32 bit windows , not 64 bit , Ie windows xp or windows 7 32 bit , also , put dll in correct place , C:\Program Files (x86)\" broker "\MQL4\Libraries
      this might work.

  • abdelhakim chebbi
    Published: 22.08.2016 Reply to the message


    i cannot the EA forex real profit i have the error message below :( any idea
    ForexRealProfitEA 5.11.ex4

  • Senzo
    Published: 25.10.2016 Reply to the message

    How to set it up? or you use default settings?

  • Ruanava
    Published: 13.12.2016 Reply to the message

    Has anybody got some answers yet on the outdated .dll file.
    I am interested in trying this ea but what there is to download here
    is only half of the system. I load what there is but get .dll outdated.
    5.11 doesn't trade

    Please assist or remove this ea if its timewaster %) %) *CRAZY*

  • iman
    Published: 14.03.2017 Reply to the message

    Trade manually...thats the best..

  • Josh
    Published: 06.06.2017 Reply to the message

    Yup wrong DLL but it looks like Daniel wont send it.. moving right along ..

  • servertech
    Published: 05.01.2018 Reply to the message

    Short question:
    Are you distributing this EAs and other things for free? You own them?

  • bobby
    Published: 14.01.2018 Reply to the message

    Hello Daniel I need instructions step by step how to insert indicator or EA into Mt4 platform Also to I do not see explanations for all indicators and EA how to trade time frame and expiry Please answer and thanks in advance

  • jose
    Published: 26.11.2018 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, the frp.dll file does not work. you have to update it

  • Axel
    Published: 11.01.2019 Reply to the message

    Daniel please updates the experts advisors , not workin at all :/ thanks

  • Jazzer
    Published: 19.03.2019 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, got error message using 5.22 on old dll file and need to update it. Please kindly response to this questions on your web. THanks

  • Schleining Alexander
    Published: 30.07.2019 Reply to the message


  • Suresh Machinewala
    Published: 02.08.2019 Reply to the message

    This side is very good side

  • Hoi
    Published: 02.09.2019 Reply to the message

    Tôi đã cài đặt phiên bản ForexRealProfitEA 5.11 nhưng nó không giao dịch. Bạn có thể hỗ trợ tôi để nó có thể giao dịch được không?

  • Mirek
    Published: 19.09.2019 Reply to the message

    Witam serdecznie,
    Panie Danielu nie mogę pobrać tego automatu Forex Real Profit wyskakuje błąd przy pobieraniu

  • Mayungo Nalwendo
    Published: 04.05.2020 Reply to the message

    I want an automated trading robot 24/5.

    I want to know more about the robot you are selling.

    get back to me.


  • Markus
    Published: 18.06.2020 Reply to the message

    Thank you so very much!

  • George
    Published: 06.08.2020 Reply to the message

    Test this on tester at fast mode... final result ? guess... ending with loss.

  • Rad
    Published: 08.10.2020 Reply to the message

    It requires a purchase for a real account serial number

  • issac
    Published: 04.03.2021 Reply to the message

    Hi the link is not working

  • josue De matta
    Published: 08.03.2021 Reply to the message

    my question would be how much can make and day and month and which one robot are the most profitable

  • Vinitrader
    Published: 15.03.2021 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel, I get 'Error' while trying to download this EA. I'd Like to try it... thanks

  • I Putu Suardana
    Published: 22.04.2021 Reply to the message

    tingting21 i need money because lose income and loking free ea forex

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