Fourier Extrapolator – forecast by the Fourier method

Published: 14.09.2014

Fourier Extrapolator is dynamic extrapolator based on Fourier transforms. The indicator shows the projected price movement based on the consistent calculation of the Fourier waves. This indicator refers to the type of "outrunning", which draws on the right side of the graph line (default: orange) showing the alleged price movement in the future.

Hypothesis, which served as the basis for the creation of this indicator is as follows:

If there are three waves with the same period of consecutive, there is a high probability of occurrence of wave number 4.

Characteristics of Fourier Extrapolator indicator
The calculation algorithm for the indicator:
  • Built window series in which the right edge of the fixed (parameter «shift»), and the left edge of the consistently reduced (parameter «T») with a period of 1 bar
  • Indications of the amplitude spectrum are made in each window
  • In identifying clearly formed harmonic number 3, it is extended for the period of 1 to the future
  • For more accurate prediction of construction, all found harmonics are summed
  • The indicator is calculated only when it is added on the graph, it is worth protecting from new tics and bars
  • For a more accurate prediction of need large launch window (setting "T"), but it will take a long calculation
Fourier Extrapolator settings:

T - the size of a window, to start the search

shift - shift relative to the forecast of zero bar to display the historical forecasts on the graph

showprofit - play balance dynamics for an imaginary trade by forecast

alert - show periods of harmonics (sounds an alarm), which form the forecast (default: false)


By increasing the parameter "T" to a few thousand, the meter of  Fourier Extrapolator reading becomes more accurate, but its calculation goes much longer than the calculation of the default (1000).

In order to evaluate the indicator on the history, need setting "shift" be changed to any positive number other than zero, but in this case the "projected" indicator properties disappear!


The main feature of Fourier Extrapolator is that he multicurrency (suitable for any currency pair). Although this indicator is designed for scalping (M1, M5), it can also be used to trade intraday. For the medium and long-term trade this indicator, unfortunately, is not suitable as it requires constant monitoring of the situation on the market.

Default Fourier Ekstrapolator configured for scalping.

In the archives Fourier_Extrapolator.rar:

  • Fourier_extrapolator.mq4
  • Fourier Extrapolator.tpl

Free Download Fourier Ekstrapolator

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  • Michael Moses
    Published: 07.12.2014 Reply to the message

    Is there any way to have this indicator update and re-draw with the display of a new bar? I am using it on daily time frame and would like to not have to reload my charts every day to get the indicator to update to the new bar. Thank you.

  • Ghalib
    Published: 23.01.2016 Reply to the message

    Thank you for a great topic

  • ashraf
    Published: 06.07.2016 Reply to the message

    thamk you

  • kawaj
    Published: 08.09.2016 Reply to the message

    Thank you

  • pooya
    Published: 14.03.2019 Reply to the message

    Hi Daniel please send me the indicator plz.

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