FX Pulse 4.0 - all economic news on the your chart

Published: 17.10.2017
fx pulse 4

Many of you are already familiar with the previous version of this indicator, which you can read about here. But life goes on and the guys from forex21.com also not sitting idle. Meet the new version of the news adviser FX Pulse 4.0 - this is the calendar of upcoming news right on the chart in your MT4 terminal. Of course, the news can be tracked on the economic calendar on the site, but it's not always convenient, and, frankly, we forget about it.

Economic news in real time directly on your chart:

  • Available in 11 languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Hungary, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish)
  • Flexible interface - everything can be changed and customized
  • It is possible to analyze the news output data

Experienced traders know that tracking the exit of currency news and economic data is important, because there is nothing that can deploy prices as quickly as news. The same should be done to you.

Than worse use of websites as a source of currency news?

  • Sites are not automatically updated
  • News on sites come with a delay
  • Sites are inconvenient to use

Fx Pulse 4.0 provides you with real-time currency market news in your language - this will help you make better and more profitable trading decisions!

Advantages Fx Pulse 4.0:

  • News are published in your language
  • Quick news flow
  • Comfortable in using
  • Filters and Alerts

And though Fx Pulse 4.0 is in fact an indicator, it is established as an Advisor (and is on the list of Expert Advisors):

FX Pulse 4.0 - all economic news on the your chart


For correct operation it is necessary in the MT4 terminal > Tools > Options > Expert Advisors allow Web Request for http://secure.forex21.com/:

FX Pulse 4.0 - all economic news on the your chart

Of course, not all news are worthy of attention, and even those that are marked with the letter H (High Impact) do not always lead to strong movements. But we can not afford to ignore their influence.

In the archive FX-Pulse-4.rar:

  • FxPulse 4.ex4
  • secure.txt

Free Download FX Pulse 4.0

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  • Sandrine
    Published: 13.11.2017 Reply to the message

    Hello, thank you for your wonderful site, there are many very interesting things. I also downloaded the FX Pulse 4.0 and it does not work ! He indicates : "Something is wrong ! Please download native installer from : _forex21.com". :(
    So I went to the site, but could not register, so I think the site does not work anymore. Would you have an active key to use this indicator that looks great. Can you send it to me in MP ?

    • Daniel
      Published: 14.11.2017 Reply to the message

      Yes, there are some problems on that site. I think that's why the indicator does not work either. Here I am powerless. Alas.

      • Sandrine
        Published: 14.11.2017 Reply to the message

        Ok, thank you for taking the time to answer me. Too bad for the indicator! And you do a good job.

  • benroyal
    Published: 16.05.2019 Reply to the message

    I got this indicator to work. However, it took some time to figure it out. This is how to install FX Pulse: follow the exact instructions given
    in the instructions PDF after you download the files. The expert advisor will work after you drag and drop the files into experts only after you follow the instructions.

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