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Published: 08.10.2020
Reading time: 15 minutes

FX Vortex 2.0 (or Vortex Sniper 2.0) is a combination of several analytical algorithms that together are capable of generating accurate buy / sell signals. The signals are intuitive and will not be difficult even for novice traders. The system can be used on any timeframe with major currency pairs. And of course no repainting - Vortex 2.0 100% non-repaint.

Characteristics of the FX Vortex 2.0

How it works? Trading rules by Vortex Sniper 2.0

The system offers a choice of 4 templates for different market situations:

  1. FXVORTEX1, FXVORTEX2 - for low volatility market
  2. FXVORTEX3 and FXVORTEX4 - for high volatility markets

You can choose the template that suits you best. And now you are ready to trade.

The signal appears as a gray rectangle when all the conditions of the system's trading algorithms are met.

BUY trade


Price still in the narrow range. Waiting for signal:


When the price breaks the upper border of the gray channel, a BUY signal appears and the recommended Stop Loss levels and three Take Profit levels (TP1, TP2 and TP3):


The trade should remain open until it hits take profit. As we can see on the below example it went much higher than the TP3 level:


SELL trade

A sell signal is generated in the same way as a buy signal.


We are waiting for the signal to appear:


When the price crosses the lower border of the gray rectangle, a sell signal appears. The red zones will show us the Take Profit levels. Stop Loss at the upper border of the gray rectangle:


As we can see in the example below, the price dropped much below the TP3 level:


Why three Take Profits? Here is what the author of this system answers to this:

Each signal gives us 3 different take profit levels. This number is not accidental, because it reflects every type of trader from a very conservative one, through a standard one to a much more favorable RR ratio.

How to use it correctly? The simplest method is to observe the price. If it moves quickly and dynamically, we can usually count on TP3. If it has difficulties with volatility, or the market is just about to close an important trading session (like EU or US), it’s better to aim for lower values like TP1 or TP2

You can see the work of the Vortex Sniper 2.0 more clearly in this video:

Some more signal examples (Click to enlarge):


In the archive FX_Vortex_2.rar (782,0 Kb):

  • FXVORTEX.ex4
  • VortexDash.ex4
  • FXVORTEX1.tpl
  • FXVORTEX2.tpl
  • FXVORTEX3.tpl
  • FXVORTEX4.tpl
  • FXVORTEX - Users Manual.pdf

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  • senthil
    Published: 09.10.2020 Reply to the message

    dashboard only visible ?.

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    Published: 09.10.2020 Reply to the message

    Tks u! *IN LOVE* :-

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    Published: 10.10.2020 Reply to the message

    спасибо , скачал , установил, будем тестить =)

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    Published: 12.10.2020 Reply to the message

    I downloaded but it't a Bin type file, please check your download link!

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    Downloaded , but not in rar file format , and is not the same size as posted. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

  • John
    Published: 16.10.2020 Reply to the message

    Looks very good, just do your own analysis on the market then use this FXVORTEX v3 or v4 for your confirmation. Good job......

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    thanks you

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