Rubicon indicator and trading strategy based on it

Published: 12.07.2014

Rubicon Indicator appeared quite recently and very quickly became popular among many traders. And all because this indicator and strategy based on it show very good results in forex trading.

Its name derives from the Rubicon indicator analogy with the known expression "cross the Rubicon", which means to risk everything in order to achieve the great goal, take some irrevocable decision. In turn, this expression has its roots in the distant past, when Julius Caesar took a difficult decision for myself to go with his army Rubicon river in the Apennine peninsula, at the risk of completely losing power in case of failure in the war.

Rubicon Indicator is not difficult to analyze the signal to enter the market, as these same signals it displays arrows on the chart. In addition to the chart you will see a large number of additional indicators and a variety of filters, which makes it still very easy to use even for beginners.

Rubicon indicator is universal and can be used on any timeframe and currency pairs. Arrow indicator can not be redrawn. But there is one minor drawback - you can not test it on history, since his previous arrows disappear after crossing the moving average price EMA116 red. This is done in order not to distract from the actual trader signals in real time.

Characteristics of indicator Rubicon
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Time: Round the clock
  • Currency Pairs: Any
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Recommended broker: Alpari

Rubicon Indicator

As you can see in the picture above, the indicator Rubicon plotted moving average EMA116 red and fast moving blue and cyan, green line - Levels for pending orders, and the numbers in the boxes - the recommended levels for Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Rubicon indicator signals to enter a trade

Once the price and fast moving cross the red moving average EMA116 preparing for a possible entry into the market. If the price is above EMA116 only consider buying if lower - only sale.

When the horizontal green line exhibiting a pending order (Buy Stop or Sell Stop) at its level. When the price breaks through the green line and will warrant an arrow will appear in the boxes and numbers.

Set stop loss on the indicator, and take profit in three times more stop loss. Yes, in fielding take profit we do not listen recommendations indicator, since the ratio of 1:1 (about issues such attitude indicator) is small and does not give an opportunity to compensate for loss in case of failure. But, Take Profit Stop Loss equal to three will allow our profits to grow. But such a Take Profit should stand for the first four orders after passing through price EMA116. For following the 4th Signal Take Profit = Stop Loss.

Example Buy:

Rubicon Indicator Buy

Example Sell:

Rubicon Indicator Sell

As you can see, the indicator Rubicon self sufficient and can be used in the trade as a whole strategy that does not require additional indicators and filters.

In the archives Rubicon-Indicator.rar:

  • Rubicon-Indicator.ex4

Download Rubicon Indicator

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  • Mis Riea
    Published: 11.01.2016 Reply to the message

    This is Good Indicator . i am profit 2000$ .
    Thanks Bro *IN LOVE*

    • bongani
      Published: 10.07.2016 Reply to the message

      please can you send me the indicator

  • classy
    Published: 22.01.2016 Reply to the message

    nice indicator.thanks.keep posting

  • tsu
    Published: 23.04.2016 Reply to the message

    Thanks for the good stuff!! =)

  • Sammy
    Published: 18.10.2016 Reply to the message


    Where is it possible to find version 2.0 of this indicator ?

    Best Regards

  • kamo
    Published: 02.11.2016 Reply to the message

    hi Daniel.
    is it advisable to use this indicator for binary options?

    • Daniel
      Published: 02.11.2016 Reply to the message

      You can try. Then share your results :-D

      • Ramkumar
        Published: 24.07.2017 Reply to the message

        %) i download this indicator , but when i enter the market , where to place the stop loss and take profit , arrow is appering after entry or place pending orders on the green line this is confusion .pls explain me thankyou. %) %) %) %) ...

  • Katka
    Published: 19.05.2017 Reply to the message

    Hello Daniel,

    can you PLEASE provide this indicator with an alert? It says that it has alert but when the arrow appears it does not play an alert so it is hard to find out when to open trade. THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

  • jhon
    Published: 04.07.2017 Reply to the message

    por favor enviarme el indicador, yo lo tenia en otro pc y lo fomatie y se borro.

    muchas gracias

  • shahzad hussain
    Published: 31.10.2018 Reply to the message

    mojay ya indicator chahiya

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