Sonic Blast Forex System – possible to profitably trade the repainting indicator?

Published: 26.10.2020
Reading time: 12 minutes

Sonic Blast Forex System is an indicator that has been created as a high quality trading tool to enable every trader to trade with minimal loss. The system has zero latency and high accuracy. Suitable for scalping, day trading and swing trading. These are all the words of the developers, but is everything really so beautiful? Let's get a look.

Characteristics of the Sonic Blast Forex System

Trading rules by Sonic Blast Forex

This system consists of only one indicator (Sonic Blast V1.1), although it looks as if there are several of them. That is why I have placed this system in the "Indicators" category.

The indicator has an information dashboard that acts as an informant about the appearance of a signal.

The trading rules are very simple.

BUY - when a blue up arrow appeared:


SELL - when a red down arrow appeared:


Stop Loss - according to the traditional rule - slightly above/below the local price maximum/minimum. But you can use for this the so-called channel borders - lines of green/red squares. And set Stop Loss at their level.

Take Profit - based on the trading style, but not less than 2 * StopLoss.

One of the interesting features of the indicator is the ability to save a screenshot of the signal to the terminal folder:


If EnableSreenShot = true, then screenshots will be saved to the folder …Data Folder/MQL4/Files:


To disable this feature and thereby save space on your PC, set EnableSreenShot = false.

This indicator is repainted, but do not rush to immediately send it to the trash. Very often, indicators with this ailment can be very profitable. It is important to learn how to use them, despite repainting. Therefore, be sure to practice on a demo account first.

And it seems to me that it can prove himself worthy in binary options trading. So, when following a false signal, we must open a deal with an increased volume using the Martingale method. But no more than 4 steps (based on this, correctly calculate your deposit). And this is where the Martingale calculator can help you.

In the archive Sonic_Blast_Forex.rar (34,0 Kb):

  • Sonic Blast V1.1.ex4
  • SonicBlast-FULL.tpl

Free Download Sonic Blast Forex System

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  • Ismail
    Published: 05.12.2020 Reply to the message

    Terlihat bagus,, sya akan mencobanya. Terimakasih Danil

  • Loddza
    Published: 06.01.2021 Reply to the message

    This indicator works very well using filters such as 200 ma .i winder why its not so popular

  • Thabo
    Published: 04.03.2021 Reply to the message

    I need this sonic blast system please

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