Stoch Crossing Strategy - day trading system with simple rules and high profit

Published: 19.04.2018

Stoch Crossing Strategy is designed for day trading and is based on using only two technical indicators. The strategy is trend oriented and has a completely uncomplicated trade rules, which will be accessible even to beginners. You can use it for any trading assets, but preference should still be given to the major currency pairs.

Main characteristics

Indicators of the Stoch Crossing Strategy

  • WAExplosion (150, 30, 15, 15)
  • StochCrossing (30, 10, 10) - "slow" version of indicator settings, most suitable for trading on the trend

Rules of trade

BUY signal:

  1. Appeared green arrow up
  2. On the WAExplosion indicator the green bar is above the yellow line:


SELL signal:

  1. Appeared arrow arrow down
  2. On the WAExplosion indicator the red bar is above the yellow line:


Stop Loss is initially set above/below the previous local maximum/minimum.

Take Profit is set fixed, depending on the time frame and currency pair used. It is also possible to close the position when the arrow of the StochCrossing indicator appears in the opposite direction.

As you can see the Stoch Crossing System is very simple and gives accurate signals to enter on the market. Before real trading you need to practice on a demo account. Only in this way will you become acquainted with all the nuances of strategy.

In the archive Stoch_Crossing_Strategy.rar:

  • StochCrossing.ex4
  • StochCrossing.mq4
  • WAExplosion.ex4
  • Stoch Crossing templ.tpl

Free Download Stoch Crossing Strategy

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