Trade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month

Published: 07.02.2021
Reading time: 29 minutes
trade explorer ea

Trade Explorer EA is a highly profitable trading robot that will surely make you rich and bring you up to 377% profit per month, the developers say. But they forgot to mention the significant shortcomings of their money machine. Let's take a closer look at this miracle and try to understand if this EA is really that good.

Сharacteristics of the Trade Explorer EA

  • Official website: LeapFX.com
  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • EA version: 1.0
  • Currency pairs: 27 pairs (read manual), recommended AUDCHF, AUDJPY, EURCAD, EURGBP, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY, NZDCAD
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Recommended broker: Roboforex, XM, Forex4you

Trading algorithm of the EA

The EA trades in the direction of short-term trends, which it determines based on the indicator that comes with the kit (a kind of modification of Ozymandias). Further, if the price moves in the opposite direction, then the advisor opens another order using the averaging method. If this is not enough and the price is still going in the opposite direction, then another order will be opened, etc. At that moment, when simple averaging is not enough, the Trade Explorer will open orders with an increased lot using the martingale method.

Thus, this EA is very dangerous and can lead to the complete loss of your deposit. Be extremely careful!

You will not find information about this on the official website of the developers. As well as information that any protracted unidirectional trend can deprive you of your entire deposit.

Here is a short video that will more clearly show the EA's trading in action:


The author claims that the Expert Advisor trades excellently on 27 currency pairs. But my testing on historical tick data says that it is not. Here I will show only those tests on which the EA was successfully tested from 2000 to 2021:


AUDCHFTrade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month

AUDJPYTrade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month






GBPAUDTrade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month

GBPCADTrade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month




NZDUSDTrade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month

USDCADTrade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month


Please note that backtests are performed with a modeling quality of 99.0% thanks to a wonderful software called Tick Data Suite. Today this is the only possible and fastest way to achieve 99% quality of modeling in MT4.

Tick Data Suite - Powerful, Accurate, Easy to use!

It is clearly seen that some tests are given to the EA with great difficulty and for some currency pairs the drawdown is up to 84%. This is a very large drawdown and should alert you. Therefore, I recommend not using pairs with a drawdown of more than 20% in trading. Thus, the list of recommended pairs for this EA will look like this:


For the advisor to feel confident, you need a sufficient amount of funds on the account. So I recommend at least 50,000 units for one pair. Therefore, it would be wiser to use a cent account. And since the advisor does not often open deals, it is necessary to use several pairs. This requires substantial start-up capital.

On the rest of the pairs, the Trade Explorer crashed, like on the EURCHF pair, where the entire deposit was lost:

Trade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month

On the official website you can find monitoring of trading accounts on MyFXBook. But even there it is clearly seen that the EA is prone to large drawdowns:


The archive with the Trade Explorer EA contains presets for each currency pair. These settings were selected by the EA trading optimization method in the strategy tester. And you don't need to change something, especially if you don't understand what you are doing. Advanced traders can customize the value of the trading lot, trading risk, management of open positions, etc. to their requirements. After making changes to the settings, be sure to check the operation of the advisor in the strategy tester. And correct if you are not happy with the results.

Trade Explorer EA - up to 377% profit in just 1 month

Despite large drawdowns and high risks of capital loss, advisors with the Martingale method remain the most profitable. The main thing is to follow Money Management and regularly withdraw profit from the advisor's trade.

In the archive Trade_Explorer_EA.rar (1.52 Mb):

  • Trade Explorer_fix.ex4
  • Explorerindi.ex4
  • Presets for 27 currency pairs
  • Trade Explorer Manual.pdf

Free Download Trade Explorer EA


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  • The Assarv13 Team
    Published: 08.02.2021 Reply to the message

    Stay away from martingale strategies unless you are highly advanced in algorithmic trading and forex trading.

  • William Mubiru
    Published: 10.02.2021 Reply to the message

    limit the no of maxtrades, or else, you might loose all. that's a key, and reduce the martingale size.

  • saravut
    Published: 14.02.2021 Reply to the message

    thanks for bot

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