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Published: 26.04.2022
Reading time: 14 minutes

X-Smart Trader is a modern trading system for MT5 with all the requirements for safe trading. Of course, the system is 100% non-repainting, has a filter oscillator and an auxiliary trading assistant for more convenient opening / closing of a position.

Сharacteristics of the X-Smart Trader

Trading rules

To install X Smart Trader on a chart, use one of two templates:

  • XSM TRADER Dynamic Mode - for a large number of signals and the highest trading risk (scalping).
  • XSM TRADER Normal Mode - for a moderate number of signals and balanced risk (day trading, swing trading).

To enter a trade on a system signal, you do not need to be a market trading guru. It is enough just to follow the simple signals of the system by comparing them with the filter-oscillator.


  1. Blue diamond
  2. Blue oscillator:



  1. Red diamond
  2. Red oscillator:


Stop Loss should be set a few pips above/below the previous local price high/low. In addition, be sure to close the current trade when a diamond of the opposite color appears or when the color of the oscillator changes to the opposite. However, it is not necessary that both of these conditions be met simultaneously.

TakeProfit = 2*StopLoss

So that you do not miss the next trading signal, the system is equipped with a 3-level notification system (Email, phone push-notification and Alert).

As I wrote above, the system has an auxiliary EA - FTB Trade Panel, which allows you to manage trading in one place. But at the same time, “Algo Trading” should be enabled:


Immediately on the chart in the FTB panel, you can set the value of the trading lot, Take Profit and Stop Loss, risk, trailing settings. Just double click on the desired parameter and set the desired value, as shown in this video:

And although the seller of this system assures us that this is an unusually profitable trading system, you should not blindly believe this and you must definitely test this system for MT5 on a demo account for a month. And only after confident profitable trading on a demo, you should be careful to switch to a real trading account.

Of course, additional filters and indicators, impeccable adherence to Money Management and analysis of the trading news calendar will not be superfluous.

In the archive X_Brain_Method.rar (781.3 KB):

  • FTRPanel.ex5
  • XSM TRADER Dynamic Mode.tpl
  • XSM TRADER Normal Mode.tpl

Free Download X-Smart Trader MT5


  • Geraint
    Published: 26.04.2022 Reply to the message

    The download link not working, please help...

    • Daniel
      Published: 27.04.2022 Reply to the message

      I have now checked everything - the download works fine. But if for some reason you still cannot download, then use the download mirror.

  • Aqeel
    Published: 27.04.2022 Reply to the message

    Give me indecetor

  • Higor
    Published: 15.05.2022 Reply to the message

    Good afternoon, my name is Higor, on my mt5 this gray window is not appearing where you have the buy and sell options, could you help me?

  • rtvdysau
    Published: 23.09.2022 Reply to the message

    can i get mql5 file of this for modifications because it is not maximizing opportunities

  • boni
    Published: 22.12.2022 Reply to the message

    how does it work and for what practical results

  • Hubex
    Published: 21.01.2023 Reply to the message

    Hello, the colour of the panel is very fine for my eyes and gives the fun for clear decisions. It's practical to put all figures separately in the panel and see what will go on. Am I right that there is no limit order possible when I want to wait for a reversal with better prices? Mostly it is more secure for a trader to put in figures SL/TP which the broker cannot see as I call stealth inputs; that isn't possible here I notice, is it?

    From you mostly clear manual I would like to ask you some question from my side. Can you please give me some advices for these, please?

    For security purposes you have the field "BE-Break even"; does it mean that this is the minimum gain if the course will reach e. 20 pips and more and goes return? The further way of the course may be that the "BE" can grow if the course go 5 pips in front to 25 points that will fix the BE at 20 pips, OK?
    Does it mean "Trailing at 6" when the course leaves the SL and comes to 6 pips profit the SL changes to 0. After further steps of the course "Trailing with 2 pips will set the SL to 2 Pips gain therefore the SL will follow the course with a difference of 2 pips, OK?

    I mean the steps in BE and SL are very small that a close of the position will take place very early. Sometimes you have to give the course more time and place (pips) to follow the trend and earn more pips after that.

    Best regards, Hubex 8)

  • David
    Published: 01.07.2023 Reply to the message

    Thanks for providing this fantastic trading system.

  • Taiwo Arije
    Published: 11.07.2023 Reply to the message

    Good day to you my name is Taiwo please i saw one of your indicator and i saw trting to use the file but it was program .please can you helpme with the mt5 file of the indicator ? BOOM CRASH INDICATOR

  • Joseph
    Published: 11.09.2023 Reply to the message

    Hi to everybody. I've dowloaded the indicator but the grey table/window doesn't appear. Also it doesn't work on MT5 with Algo trading. Anyone has some suggestions?

  • Original
    Published: 24.03.2024 Reply to the message

    it's not working every time i open a trade it closes and takes the money $1660.14 EACH TRADE
    it's a good thing it was a demo account

  • Original
    Published: 24.03.2024 Reply to the message

    In all I lost $11400.85 in less than an hour,but it's all demo so no harm done.
    It's a good thing I decided to try it on demo first. I thing there's something wrong with it .

  • Original
    Published: 25.03.2024 Reply to the message

    maybe i tried it on the wrong symbol. i was testing BTCUSD. i tried USDCHF and it worked fine

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