Exynox Scalper - profitable system and its free alternative

Published: 27.11.2020
Reading time: 20 minutes

Exynox Scalper is another novelty of Karl Dittmann among the forex trading systems that works on all major pairs and timeframes M1-M30. According to the developer, the system is characterized by high profitability and ease of use, equipped with an understandable and timely notification system. And, of course, it is devoid of any repainting and lag.

Characteristics of the Exynox Scalper

How it works?

Of course, Exynox Scalper is a paid system and it is not possible to find it in the public domain, because Karl Dittmann takes good care of the safety of his products. But if you are not ready to give money for this system today, then I can offer you a free alternative - FX Venom Pro. This system even looks like the brainchild of Karl Dittmann and gives similar buy / sell signals. Here's a look at a few examples:

Exynox System EURNZD M15 (+411 pips):exynox-scalper-eurnzd-m15

FX Venom PRO EURNZD M15 (401 pips):venom-pro-eurnzd-m15

Exynox System GBPUSD M5 (+364 pips):exynox-scalper-gbpusd-m5

FX Venom PRO GBPUSD M5 (+229 pips):fx-venom-pro-gbpusd-m5

Exynox vs FX Venom PRO GBPCHF M30:exynox-vs-venom-gbpchf-m30

Exynox vs FX Venom PRO USDJPY M30:exynox-vs-venom-usdjpy-m30

As you can see, FX Venom PRO is slightly inferior to Exynox in the accuracy of the signals and, as a result, in the amount of profit from these signals. But in general, it can act as a good substitute for Karl Dittmann's product.

Exynox Forex System, like Venom Pro, has three trading styles with different levels of risk and number of signals:


  • Conservative Mode - Signals Frequency = Normal, Safety = Maximum, Trend Detection = Standard, Low Risk
  • Medium Mode - Signals Frequency = High, Safety = Optimal, Trend Detection = Sensitive, Moderate Risk
  • Aggressive Mode - Signals Frequency = Extreme, Safety = Low, Trend Detection = Highly/Sensitive, High Risk

There is also an optional Custom Mode that can be manually adjusted for experienced traders who like to experiment with settings.

However, it is better to see the indicator in action once than to read a lot of words about its advantages. Video in which the indicator makes +812 pips to the total profit (6 consecutive wins):

Forex Exynox has three methods of notifying the trader about a new trading signal:

  1. Pop-Up Alert with Sound on MT4
  2. Email Alerts
  3. Push Notification to Your Mobile Phone


For conservative traders, the indicator provides the Smart Exit technology, which suggests when the trend is coming to an end, it is better to close the deal:


But no matter how profitable and accurate Exynox Scalper turns out to be, do not forget to use a demo account first and be sure to follow Money Management. You will find some more tips from Karl Dittmann himself on this page.

In the archive Alternative_of_Exynox_Scalper.rar (2.60 MB):

  • FXVDA1.ex4
  • FXVDA2.ex4
  • FXVDA3.ex4
  • FXVEN1.ex4
  • FXVEN2.ex4
  • FXVEN3.ex4
  • FX Venom PRO - Risk 1 - mod.tpl
  • FX Venom PRO - Risk 2 - mod.tpl
  • FX Venom PRO - Risk 3 - mod.tpl
  • FXVENOMPRO - User Manual.pdf

Free Download Alternative of Exynox Scalper


Get original Exynox Scalper


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