Titan X PRO System - beautiful rework of a long-known system

Published: 01.11.2020
Reading time: 16 minutes

Titan X PRO is another remake of the Forex Profit Supreme System we have known for a long time. Moreover, it is available on our site with the mql4 source code. Thus, anyone with basic knowledge of MQL can alter it for themselves and their needs. This happened with the Titan X PRO. The author did not even bother to change the appearance of the indicator, but he did not hesitate to charge for it. Well, that's his right. Nevertheless, this system is absolutely free on our website, download at the bottom of this post.

Characteristics of the Titan X PRO System

Titan X PRO Indicators

The system consists of two indicators borrowed from Forex Profit Supreme:

  1. TitanXpro_Entry - the main signal indicator
  2. TitanXpro_Dash - an auxiliary dashboard for determining the desired trading pair

Indicators do not repaint or disappear when switching timeframes. It is important!


Entry Guide

Trading rules

  1. On the dashboard, we find which currencies are bought and sold by the largest market players. Based on this, we select the currency pair
  2. Wait for the next signal generated by the TitanXpro_Entry indicator (you will receive a notification) and open a trade in the direction indicated by the arrow.

In this way, you join the market trend created by the largest traders.

BUY Signal:


SELL Signal:


The numbers in the screenshots indicate the sequence of the indicator signals analysis by the trader.

Stop Loss and Take Profit are set according to the following rules:

Stop Loss - slightly above/below the local price maximum/minimum.

Take Profit - based on the trading style, but not less than 2 * StopLoss.

The system has 3 templates for different trading modes:

  1. Conservative Mode (TitanXpro - Conservative.tpl) - less risky with few signals. I recommend using this particular template, especially for novice traders.
  2. Medium Mode (TitanXpro - Medium.tpl) - medium risk
  3. Aggressive Mode (TitanXpro - Aggressive.tpl) - the most risky trading mode with the largest number of signals. For experienced traders only.

Additionally, the system is equipped with a three-way alert, which ensures you don't miss a signal under any circumstances.

In conclusion, as always, I want to remind you of three important points of profitable trading:

  1. Competent Money Management - no more than 2% per transaction from your capital
  2. Consider important economic news. They can greatly influence the price movement. Therefore, we do not recommend trading 30 minutes before and after the release of important economic news. You can find the news calendar HERE.
  3. And of course - a demo account, as a training platform for getting to know the trading system in real time.

In the archive Titan_X_PRO.rar (862.0 Kb):

  • TitanXpro_Dash.ex4
  • TitanXpro_Entry1.ex4
  • TitanXpro_Entry2.ex4
  • TitanXpro_Entry3.ex4
  • TitanXpro - Aggressive.tpl
  • TitanXpro - Conservative.tpl
  • TitanXpro - Medium.tpl
  • Titan X PRO - Manual by FXProSystems.pdf

Free Download Titan X PRO System

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  • ads man
    Published: 03.11.2020 Reply to the message

    Thank you for this system. I have a question about Xtrend Premium System that you advertise it on your website. Is that the best system for trading? Or there is no difference between the systems you upload them on your website like different systems and Xtrend Premium?
    Thank you

  • al
    Published: 18.11.2020 Reply to the message

    link broken. please fix link

    • Daniel
      Published: 18.11.2020 Reply to the message

      You can download it HERE ➔ View Post (Alternative Link)

    Published: 24.11.2020 Reply to the message

    unable to download 8)

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