Forex Combo System 5.0 - 4 proven-winner strategies into 1 EA

Published: 09.04.2020
Reading time: 28 minutes

Forex Combo System EA has long been known to many traders for its reliable trading and unusual trading algorithm. Even today, an earlier version of this Expert Advisor quietly passes the 10-year back test and feels confident in real trading. The algorithm of this robot includes trading in four strategies (in more detail later in this post), which can work both jointly and separately. As a result of its evolution, the EA has many versions and modifications. I have version 5.0. Today we will consider this particular version (but the latest version for developers today is 6.1).

Сharacteristics of the Forex Combo System

EA work algorithm

Forex Combo System 5.0 uses 4 strategies in its work:

  1. Scalping Strategy (Scalping)
  2. Breakdown strategy (Trend-Detection)
  3. Counter-trending strategy (Market Corrections)
  4. 4. Non-trending market strategy (Range Detection)

You can enable/disable each of these strategies in the EA settings, as shown in the screenshot below:


Read more about expert settings below.

Backtesting of the Forex Combo System 5.0

I tested the EA on tick historical data for the period 2010.01.01 - 2020.04.02 with settings that differ from the default settings (presets are included in the archive):

EURUSD (2010.01.01 - 2020.04.02)forex-combo-system-backtest-eurusd

GBPUSD (2010.01.01 - 2020.04.02)forex-combo-system-backtest-gbpusd

Please note that backtests are performed with a modeling quality of 99.0% thanks to a wonderful software called Tick Data Suite. Today this is the only possible and fastest way to achieve 99% quality of modeling in MT4.

Tick Data Suite - Powerful, Accurate, Easy to use!

As you can see from the tests, the EA passes testing on both currency pairs without any problems. But it looks preferable on the GBPUSD.

The new version from the developers of the Forex Combo System v 6.1 supports 4 currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD and EURCAD) and shows good results on each of them.

Real performance verified by MyFxbook

EURUSDForex Combo System 5.0 - 4 proven-winner strategies into 1 EA

GBPUSDForex Combo System 5.0 - 4 proven-winner strategies into 1 EA

EA settings

  • Use_Fx_Combo_Scalping - on/off scalping strategy
  • Use_FXCombo_breakout - on/off breakdown strategy
  • Use_FXCombo_Reversal - on/off the counter-trending strategy
  • Use_FXCombo_EuroRange - on/off EuroRange strategy (for non-trending market)
  • Use_ECN_Execution - on/off ECN-execution, it is better to leave it on (true) - suitable for all types of accounts.
  • Hiden_StopAndTarget - use virtual (stored in the Expert Advisor's memory) StopLoses and TakeProfits or send them to the broker's server. An analogue of the Stealth mode in other EAs. When you turn it on, you theoretically insure yourself against possible fraud on the part of your broker
  • No_Hedge_Trades, NFA_Compatibility - settings for traders registered in the USA, do not change anything
  • CommentSys1, CommentSys2, CommentSys3, CommentSys4 - comments on the transactions of each strategy
  • Magic1, Magic2, Magic3, Magic4 - a unique identification number for each of the EA`s strategies. These numbers are needed so that the adviser does not confuse his orders with orders of other experts and deals that you manually opened
  • MaxSPREAD - maximum spread value at which the EA is allowed to open deals
  • Slippage - maximum allowed slippage for opening deals
  • AutoGMT_Offset - on/off the automatic determination of the deviation of the broker's time from the time in GMT. When working in real time, leave this parameter turned on, when checking the EA in the Strategy Tester of the MT4 terminal, disable this add-in and set GMToffset manually using the parameter below
  • ManualGMT_Offset - manual setting of time deviation GMT. Works only when AutoGMT_Offset is disabled. You need to set the offset manually only with backtests
  • UseAgresiveMM - on/off aggressive Money Management. When this option is enabled, the EA will increase the lot after a losing deal, until the losses are restored. Only works if the parameter TradeMMSys1 (2,3,4)> 0
  • LotsSys - fixed trading lot (used only if TradeMMSys = 0)
  • TradeMMSys - if> 0, automatic Money Management is activated. The risk is set as a percentage of the deposit for each transaction
  • LossFactorSys - lot increase ratio after a losing trade (works only when UseAgresiveMM is enabled)
  • MMMax - the maximum allowable risk per trade (as a percentage of the deposit). A kind of fuse
  • MaximalLots - limiter on the maximum possible size of a trading lot

Attention: Also, for each strategy, there are settings for limiting profit/loss and trailing stops. In no case do not change them unless you are a professional in automated trading.

Of course, the new version of the robot looks much more interesting and profitable. You can verify this yourself by visiting the official website:


And of course, it will not be superfluous for the smooth operation of the robot to install it on a VPS hosting service. This eliminates the need to keep your PC turned on all the time. And you will not be afraid of Internet connection breaks.

P. S. By the way, as you can see, the quality of modeling in my backtests is 99.0%. This was achieved in a new way of testing, which I will share with you in the next post. In order not to miss, subscribe to our newsletter (no spam, only useful material):

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In the archive Forex_Combo_System.rar (2.18 Mb):

  • ForexComboSystem_v5.0(4in1)EURUSD.ex4
  • ForexComboSystem_v5.0(4in1)EURUSD.mq4
  • ForexComboSystem_v5.0(4in1)GBPUSD.ex4
  • ForexComboSystem_v5.0(4in1)GBPUSD.mq4
  • FCS500.dll
  • EURUSD-true-agresiveMM-true-1-2-4-strategies.set
  • GBPUSD-true-agresiveMM-true-1-2-4-strategies.set
  • Forex Combo System Manual.pdf

Free Download Forex Combo System EA



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    Published: 12.04.2020 Reply to the message

    Hello i try to run in tester but nothing happen,when i checked in metaeditor show me 44 warnings.Do you know why its happening?

  • Jordi
    Published: 12.04.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi, the download file has virus, according to McAfee LiveSafe.

    • Daniel
      Published: 13.04.2020 Reply to the message

      This sometimes happens with DLL files. Just unplug your antivirus during download and installation. I assure you there is no virus.

  • Ace
    Published: 29.04.2020 Reply to the message

    Had this EA running on EUR/USD for 3 days and its not made a single trade? Everything seems to be turned on and no errors but alas...no trades?

    • Daniel
      Published: 29.04.2020 Reply to the message

      All will be. Be patient.

  • Ali Khan
    Published: 29.04.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi Brother ,

    I am not able to download the files the page is not opening with me i tried several times. could you please send me the files.

  • Salvatore Palma
    Published: 07.05.2020 Reply to the message

    Ciao,funziona perfettamente,per ora in demo,però non capisco perchè apre posizioni ogni 5 secondi con stop loss enormi.

  • Владислав
    Published: 28.05.2020 Reply to the message

    Здравствуйте почему ваши роботы не работают на тесторе?

  • Zaw Win Htut
    Published: 29.05.2020 Reply to the message

    Is there any other link to download? Thanks

  • George
    Published: 08.08.2020 Reply to the message

    tested this in 2 different periods , 6 months each one...
    1st in 2019 (late September to February)
    2nd in 2020 during large volatility due to covid-19 (February to August)

    results... ended with small losses in all cases... but performed much better compared to other EA... not opening positions very often... using a strange trailing system to lock profit..

    however the result is the same.. Guess what : as ALL the EAs I tried here ended with loss...

  • Валерий
    Published: 28.09.2020 Reply to the message

    Хочу протестировать вашего советника, а в последствии его купить если он так хорош как показано у вас на картинках. Много мусора продается через интернет.

  • Kyoncy
    Published: 30.09.2020 Reply to the message

    I am always indebted to you.
    There is no FCS500.dll that will be in the Libraries.

    • Daniel
      Published: 01.10.2020 Reply to the message

      This was most likely due to the fact that your antivirus reacted to this file as a virus and placed it in quarantine. This often happens with dll files. Disable your antivirus and download again. I sent a direct link to your email.

      • Kyoncy
        Published: 13.10.2020 Reply to the message

        Dear friend
        I received an email directly. Thank you. I'm sorry for the late reply.

  • Putra
    Published: 23.11.2020 Reply to the message

    Hi, Download link not working. Can you send to my email. Thank you

    • Daniel
      Published: 23.11.2020 Reply to the message

      You can download it HERE ➔ View Post (Alternative Link)

  • Maxis
    Published: 25.02.2021 Reply to the message

    Is it still available to download? =)

    • Daniel
      Published: 25.02.2021 Reply to the message

      Of course

  • Maxis
    Published: 16.03.2021 Reply to the message

    there seems to have errors in the coding though.

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